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HVAC: Providing Warmth and Coolness Whenever You Want

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HVAC, which stands for "heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning," is one of the most widely-used utilities on Earth -- and certainly in the United States. HVAC systems maintain good indoor air quality by ventilating cool or warm air, depending on the need. In hotter climates, air conditioning provides much-needed relief for those sweltering summer days. In colder climates, heating is desperately needed to bear the winter temperatures. A considerable portion of the world uses HVAC systems in one way or another, although the U.S. by far leads the way in HVAC consumption. In 1980, for example, the U.S. consumed the majority of air-conditioning in the world, even though it only had 5% of the world's population. Reliable heating and cooling companies and HVAC duct parts sellers do quite a bit of business in the U.S.!

However, HVAC systems aren't new. They have been around, in one way or another, for centuries. As far back as the Roman times, humans have always sought ways to live indoors more comfortably by controlling the air quality. Central heating systems were actually used by the Romans. The Romans would use furnaces to heat the air, which they would then funnel through empty spaces under the floors and through quite sophisticated ventilation systems in the walls; the system was known as a "hypocaust." The Romans didn't have as advanced of a system for air conditioning but that didn't stop them at all. Third-century Roman Emperor Elagabalus, for example, was so desperate for cool air that he ordered 1,000 slaves to fetch snow from the mountains!

Though much has changed since then, the human desire for hotter or cooler air in their homes and businesses has not. Efficient home cooling services can be found across the U.S., as are HVAC duct supplies. For more information about HVAC duct parts and other system components, feel free to leave a comment or question at the bottom.

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