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Is Your Water No Longer Heating Up? It Could Be a Sign That Your Home Needs a New Hot Water Tank Installation

hot water tank installationWe've all been there: It's time for a morning shower before work, and the water comes out of the shower head like ice. While it's normal for the water to take time to heat up in some homes, it's a problem when the hot water never comes out. If this issue is occurring more frequently for you, it may be time to call one of the reliable heating and cooling companies in your area for a new hot water tank installation.

While it is possible to get your water heater repaired, sometimes it can be better to replace it altogether. If you think your home may require this service, here are a few signs that your home needs a new hot water tank installation:

Nothing But Cold Water
If your water isn't heating up for you to shower or clean your dishes and clothing, you could be putting yourself and your family at risk for disease. We all need hot water to stay clean and kill bacteria and germs, so if your water doesn't heat up properly in your dishwasher or when you go to wash your hands, those germs are sticking around. Be sure to call a reliable heating services company in your area to get an inspection for your water heater -- or to get a new one installed.

A Leaking Tank
Unfortunately, if your hot water tank is leaking, you won't be able to get away with a mere repair. While issues such as broken thermostats and circuit breaker issues can be fixed by a licensed electrician or plumber, you'll need a complete replacement if your tank springs a leak. Fortunately, if your tank is older than 10 years old, you'll likely get a much more energy efficient one to replace it today.

Higher Than Normal Energy Consumption
Although much of our energy in the U.S. runs on coal -- approximately half of the grid, in fact -- there are two types of water heaters that are found commercially: gas and electric. Gas water heaters will have a pilot light, much like the one found in a gas stove or oven. Electric hot water tanks, which rely on an electric charge in order to heat the water, will not require gas to heat your water.

If you notice your gas bill going way up, or if you're paying a lot for electricity all of a sudden, it could be due to your water heater. Fortunately, many water heaters in the United States will deliver greater energy efficiency and will be marked with an "Energy Star" logo. These types of water heaters can often allow you to take a tax credit for making that switch. A new tank will also give you an estimate for its energy consumption on its label.

If you encounter any of these problems, be sure to contact your local electrician or HVAC ("heating, ventilation and air-conditioning") specialist for a new hot water tank installation. It's important to have a professional do this work to ensure that the installation is completed safely and correctly.

Have more questions about when to replace your hot water tank? Leave a comment below.

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