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Tips for Making Your HVAC Systems More Efficient

heating and cooling tips

The main purpose of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems is to maintain good air quality and pleasant temperatures within a home. But even when your heating and cooling equipment is in peak condition, it still uses a lot of energy. Since about half the energy consumed in America is generated by coal, it's important to cut down on energy use to avoid depleting resources.

Here are some efficient home heating and cooling tips to help you cut down on energy used by your HVAC systems:

  1. Invest in yearly HVAC inspections to make sure everything is in working order. Annual tune-ups can significantly improve the efficiency of your HVAC systems. Even brand new energy-efficient systems can benefit from regular maintenance. You can save money by signing a contract with an HVAC technician for yearly check-ups, and you can also ask them for heating and cooling tips when they visit.
  2. Change or clean your HVAC filters once a month during the peak seasons for heating and cooling. This will only take a few minutes and filter replacements are cheap. When filters are dirty, they force the equipment to work harder, which takes more energy.
  3. Find other methods to heat your home. You can keep window shades open to let sun in and naturally heat the house, or you can use shades, solar screens and awnings to keep your home naturally cool. In the summer, fans can work as a low energy substitute for air conditioning, especially if you use them to blow cool air in at night and close your windows to keep that air in during the day. You should also consider turning heating systems off when lights are on, since 90% of the power an incandescent light bulb consumes is emitted as heat.
  4. The last of our heating and cooling tips is to check your windows and doors for leaks in your weather stripping and caulking. This allows your ventilation to control conditions inside your home more completely and keeps cool and hot air from escaping.

Find an electrician or HVAC contractor in your area if you're still looking for ways to save on energy.

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